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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Zero Waste - Day 6

I can report that today despite having a big baking session all items used were in either recyclable or compostable packaging.

It did help that I put my dried fruit when I buy it into a big storage jar rather than leaving it in the bag, otherwise that would have been one bag which I'm not sure on the type of plastic (will investigate next time I go shopping).

The boys have today treated themselves to a new Wii game which I thought Oh no !!packaging but surprisingly, it came in a cardboard box with a cardboard inner and the bag which held the wheel was clearly labelled type 4, so all can be recycled.

Having found that I can take all my margarine tubs/yog pots/meat trays to the HRF has made a big difference to what has gone into our landfill bin; (see tomorrows report for the final outcome.

Another thing I have been forced to look at is teabags; they either seem to come in a recycled recyclable cardboard box with mini plasticised foil inners or a celophane wrapped cardboard box with no mini inners; either way one or the other part of it is non-recyclable.

I hope that with Sainsburys looking at all their own label products they might just do something about the celophane outer.



Things look like they're going well Maisie. Re teabags, have you tried Twinings? Pure cardboard and nothing else but tea ;-D

Maisie said...

Thanks, I will look at those; I have another problem in that we are on a tight budget so obviously, some things have to be compromised with.

I used to buy organic tesbags but found the cost was too prohibitive for the amount of tea we drink, which was the main reason I switched to Sainsburys as these were at least Fair trade so good from the ethical stance.

Maisie said...

I've just checked the Sainsburys website and it actually says that the "cellophane" outer is Polypropolene so that can be sent to GHS I think, as it is PP type 5.