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Monday, 29 September 2008

Week Ending Sunday 28 September

Our rubbish again weighed 320g this week, and the recycling bin was only half full for the fortnight so something is working somewhere, as this means a decrease in the actual packaging brought into our home.


John costigane said...

Hi Maisie,

Maintaining a low weekly amount of bin waste is a fine achievement, since it it sustainable.

Have you heard from the HQ about your waste return? Do you think that such activities, also including container from packaging and emails, would be best served if all were kept under 1 topic on MyZeroWaste, for example?

Having a single source of information would be more efficient.

Maisie said...

Hi John,
I haven't had chance to post it off as yet, I am economical on my fuel usage in the car, so only go out if necessary; and as we live 2 miles from nearest PO then it will have to wait until I am passing.

I agree that perhaps on Raes site things should be kept under one heading, like I suggested with the recipes, but individuals will want to blog/record their own findings on their own sites etc.

John costigane said...

Hi again Maisie,

Of course, what you say is true. If all details are also posted on a single location other readers could get all the information available and decide which suited their own temperament.

It is exactly like the recipes idea. Would you see the advantage in posting your details there as well

John costigane said...

Hi Maisie,

Congratulations on your prize from the pledges. It was well deserved.

With the new National Zero Waste Week, the council efforts can take care of themselves. Rae's idea of focussing purely on our trend is a good idea.

If the council ask specifically for help that is a different matter.

Maisie said...

Thankyou, really I just needed something like "MyZeroWaste" to give me the extra kick to fulfil my ideal of zero/minimum waste.

Congratulations on your prize also. Rae if she takes up my idea has loads of "recipes" for eco cleaners, which used to be on her other site (looks like it has unfortunately had to close)

I totally agree that the "Zero Waste Week" done with Rae should be a separate entity to that of any council.

It would just be nice if all councils actually took up the same idea and made it a National Week in their areas.So that we actually had a "National Week".

As to the point about me posting my findings I have no problems with doing that, I also have sent certain things privately to Rae, then she can decide whether or not to publish them.

I just meant that like I have said here I am going to "send back to HQ" then obviously I would want to publish the findings here first then would add the info on "MyZeroWaste" afterwards so people might read it twice but it would be my findings.

Hope that clarifys what I was getting at.