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Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Not quite so good this week but that is partly due to the boys Easter Eggs which came in non- recyclable type 3 plastic - Cadbury's very bad.

The Nestle eggs they also got came in type 1 plastic which is recyclebale so for once a thumbs up to Nestle.

RUBBISH - kitchen bin 1 bag, extra plastics 2 bags

Monday, 17 March 2008


Again this week we have only put out 1 small bag of rubbish to be taken to landfill.

The recycling bin was again full, so again a good thing in that it isn't going to landfill but still too much excess packaging.

I am feeling the need to start buying my groceries at places that do not have packaging, and would love to be able to shop in an old style store where butter etc was cut froma slab and then wrapped in recyclable greaseproof paper.

All in all a fairly good week.

Rubbish - 1 bag

Monday, 10 March 2008


Only had a large carrier bag to go into the rubbish bin this week due to the fact I have been keeping non-recyclable plastics in a separate bin liner. 2 weeks worth has made a bin liner full.

These are type 3,5,6 &7 plastic which are not recycled in UK.

The amount of non-recyclable plastic used in this country is shocking, but I don't really know how we as consumers can make any changes when in some cases we have to buy the things in these particular types of plastics as there are no alternatives.

I have emailed my local and county council asking when they will be recycling type 5 in particular as that is the one with the most volume ie. margarine tubs and yogurt pots.

RUBBISH - 1 small bag and 1 bin liner of non-recyclable plastic

Monday, 3 March 2008


We again had a similar size bag to last week.

Can't seem to get it down any further than this.

The main problem being that my council do not recycle type 5 plastic and there are only so many tubs you need/can use for storage.

I will just keep pestering them to improve their recycling facilities.

The recycling bin was full again, which is good but some is excess packaging so that can be re-looked at.

RUBBISH - 1 bag from kitchen bin