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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Zero Waste - Day 14

Rubbish collected for the week to go into the landfill bin, which can't be recycled:

8 crisp packets (twisted & knotted)

1 tobacco packet from DH
2 plastic tops from cream tubs
1 glass bottle lid with plastic inside
1 butter wrapper (supporting the local milkman)
1 multipak crisp wrapper (twisted & knotted)
8 chicken drumstick bones
2 plastic sleeves from meats that were used from freezer

Total weight of rubbish put into landfill this week.........................309 g

So whilst not a total zero waste fortnight, our rubbish has decreased from 2 black bin liners and sometimes 3 every 2 weeks to just under 650g in the 2 week period; basically everything in our landfill bin would fit into a carrier bag even after 2 weeks.

I am more than pleased with this result, but will continue to moniter and even reduce further over the coming weeks and months.



That's fantastic. Congratulations and welcome to the virtually no wheelie bin club. I've now moved mine to the garage because the only time we put the wheelie bin out is if we've used some cat litter. :-D

Maisie said...

Thanks, as I said I'm hoping for 12 weeks but alot will I think depend on how soon we have to start having coal fires as the "clinker" has to go into the landfill bin.


Now that's something that I've not come across, not having had a house with a real fire of late. But if you're able to store it somewhere over the winter you may find someone on Freecycle who wants it to create a garden path or something...stranger things have happened...on our local Freecycle someone once advertised for a bottomless pit LOL :-D