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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Zero Waste - Day 11

Today saw a new dilema, what to do with the chicken drumstick bones??

We had chicken drumsticks with salad and new potatoes for dinner, but of course now how to dispose of the bones.

During the winter when we have the coal/wood fire burning I would put them on there, and although the fire creates "clinker" the food waste is disposed of.
I have toyed with the idea of a green cone but at the moment costs are prohibitive.

So I think they are going to have to go into the landfill bin, I will wrap them carefully in newspaper and keep seperate until the last minute just incase I find any other ideas.

Whilst shopping today in Sainsburys I had to make a descision do I buy fairtrade sugar in a plastic non-recyclable pack or non fairtrade sugar in a recyclable paper bag.

I have always gone for fairtrade over organic when it has been staple goods, but now I have the packaging to consider as well.



Hi Maisie - things look like their going really well for you it's so close to the end of your Zero Waste Fortnight.

Re Chicken bones, The Green Cone, food digester could be used for this. Some people even use their Bokashi bins, but I have been reluctant to do so. Don't know if either of these suggestions are of any help.

Maisie said...

That will be my next step but as of know costs are prohibitive on the purchase of a green cone.