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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Zero Waste - Day 13

Well we are here at our penultimate day of the challenge; I have been reading "The Book of Rubbish Ideas" by Tracy Smith both the blog and I purchased the book yesterday from Waterstones. It is a very intersting read.

On the recycling front I can't believe how much plastic we get that can now be recycled at the HRF. I have a small box full already and that is only after 2 weeks. I think the trip there will definitely be monthly rather than the bi-monthly which I thought originally; at least until we find some alternatives for some of the products we buy, which is the ultimate goal.

I have another box containing things which hopefully will be able to be sent to GHS and also to Kristal, who is an art and design student who is using bottle tops to make a dress (see for the info on that.


Tracey Smith said...

Hi Maisie,

Well done for getting to the end of your prep for a zero waste week and I'm really glad you're enjoying The Book of Rubbish Ideas and the blog too!

On the subject of getting that stuff to the civic amenity site to recycle, how about organising a rota with a few neighbours, so you only take it there once every 2 or 3 weeks? It's a great way of reducing your road miles and encouraging others to get into the green groove.

All the best with your rubbish reduction!


Author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas

Maisie said...

Thanks for the encouragement Tracy, this was in actual fact a 2 week challenge as per Mrs Green's; in which I did say I would try and get as close to zero as possible.

I will only be going to the HRF once a month anyway when I go thru to the library and farmers market in that town, so it isn't a problem going. I have set up a pigeon hole system similar to Mrs Greens for all the non-kerbside collected recycling.

Rachelle said...

WooHoo! You're doing brilliantly. I hope you have a big celebration in plan for tomorrow :)

It's amazing isn't it and I've realised we haven't done a weigh in since our challenge - I took a peek in our landfill box and there is next to nothing in there. So new habits can sometimes fall into place really quickly.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs G x

Maisie said...

Thanks Rachelle,

The challenge finished last week when it came to putting out the landfill bin "I didn't" we are going to see how long we can last without doing so.

The best bit is following my reply from Lincs County Council it would seem I don't have to mail polythene to Polyprint either as the HRF will take type 4 plastic bags. I will print out and take a copy of said email with me though.