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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Zero Waste

I have been reading the following 2 blogs/websites recently and

and have decided to do a "Zero Waste Pledge".

This will mean that we will have to try to not throw anything into the landfill bin, things can still be recycled/composted but NOTHING if at all possible should go into the landfill bin.

I will be starting this on Monday 1 Sept as the landfill bin is emptied on that day so we will start the pledge with empty bins all round; this will continue for a 2 week period until Monday 15 Sept when the bin is due to be emptied again.


Rachelle said...

How did I miss your site?! It's great and welcome to our pledge - I'm really happy to see you taking part.

I'm going to add you to our links list later.

Good luck! I can't wait to read about your experiences.

Mrs G x

Maisie said...

Thanks Rachelle, I'm enjoying backtracking through your site.

I've read Mrs A's site as well.

The most frustrating part for me is that our council do not recycle alot of the things others do.

Rachelle said...

Mmmm, what things are you left with that you cannot recycle? That must be very hard to deal with..

Maisie said...

It is mostly the silly plastics types 3,4,5,6 & 7; and the usual crisps,biscuit and unidentifiable plastic trays(see earlier posts for what I was actually throwing out).

I have even phoned Linpac who manufacture the plastic meat trays for Tesco and no-one would/could tell me what type of plastic they were made of.

I do send type 4 to Polyprint and have been doing so for about a year; and now thanks to your site I'll be sending some to GHS.

I use the margarine tubs in the freezer, but you can only use so many.

I make yougurt using the "Easiyo" system.

We don't have alot of food waste, and any that is dog edible is given to the dogs at Daves work.

I also freeze any single portions and then every 6 weeks or so we have a "leftovers" night,everyone gets to eat what they want from the array on the table.
Dave also takes some of these to work during the colder weather as he has access to a microwave.

The next thing I'm looking at (when finances allow) is a "green cone" for any food scraps and particularly meat bones which can't be given to the dogs.

Rachelle said...

Hiya :)
Gosh, you really are a pro! It's a shame you didn't get anywhere with linpac; perhaps we can follow that up; my dh is good at things like that!

I've heard mixed reports on the green cones. We have clay soil, so can't use one, but I think many people with the right soil find them brilliant.

let me know how you get on with yours if you get one and I'll keep you posted if we find anything out about linpac ;)

Mrs G x


Hi Maisie - thank you very much for link to the blog and for being another person out there blogging about rubbish. I can see you've been going for ages. The more people who attempt to slim their bins and blog about it the more other people will pick up the bug.

The people at Linpac really should know what they're using, so keep persisting, along with Mrs G and speak to the Tesco buyers who really should know what they are buying into their store.

Re your council, at risk of you looking like a sticky beak, if you're brave enough contact the head of service at both your district and county authorities to make noises about improved recycling provision. If you like, email me offline to let me know your area and I'll check if I know any of your local contacts.

That's top advice from Mrs G about the Green Cone. I chose not to get one because of that same reason. However, if I had the space I was advised that I could have built a raised bed and installed it on that. My garden was too small though. I bumped into a couple a few weeks ago who have been using theirs for about 6 months and are completely happy with it. So good luck on that front.

I love the idea of the "leftovers night"...forgive me for being cheeky, but do you mind if I share that one in my book ;-D