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Monday, 25 August 2008

Week Ending Sunday 24 August

This is the bag of "rubbish" which went into my landfill bin this week it weighed 1.3kg and was only a third of the size of my 45l swing bin.

There were a few yogurt pots in there as I had ran out of my own and had treated DS1, this was before I had heard about GHS the recycling company, which will take most plastics as long as there is sufficient quantity.

The rest of the "rubbish", seemed to be plastic wrap and crisp packs etc. and even though I twist and knot my plastics to make then smaller they will still weigh the same.

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Hi Maisie - love your bin bag, it's looking mighty slim ;-D

That's great going on that. It's amazing how little waste gets thrown away once you've sorted out your soft plastics. We are very lucky in our area where there is a plastic drop off for what seems to be ALL bags and wrappers at our recycling centre. Every time I go there and say what about this one, they say "oh yes". I say "even this?" and then almost fall over in amazement that they'll accept it. Good luck with the continued challenge.