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Sunday, 3 February 2008


Monday 28 January:
recycle - glass milk bottles back to milkman, passata jar, squash bottle & lid, lasagne box
compost - veggie peelings, fruit waste
rubbish - meat wrapper
posted - batteries from Wii handset,

Tuesday 29 January:
recycle - milk carton & lid, junk mail, tuna can, mayo jar & lid
compost - veggie peelings, fruit waste
rubbish - chicken wrapper, egg shells
posted - wrappers from Tom & Dave magazines

Wednesday 30 January:
recycle - cereal box, glass milk bottles back to milkman, fish finger boxes, tp tube
compost -veg peelings,
rubbish - cereal box inner,
posted -

Thursday 31 January:
recycle - milk carton & lid, sweet & sour sauce jar & lid, batteries, junk mail
compost - veggie peelings, fruit skins,
rubbish - pork wrapper, yogurt packet, rice packet,
posted - junk mail wrapper

Friday 1 February:
recycle - glass bottles back to milkman, tp tube, kr tube, tuna can
compost -
rubbish - large outer wrapper from ind crisp packets,
posted - water filter cartridges

Saturday 2 February:
recycle - softner bottle,
compost -
rubbish - cheese wrapper, coleslaw tub
posted -

Sunday 3 February:
recycle - sugar bag, washing powder box, juice bottles, sauce bottle, mushroom bag, baked bean tin
compost - veg peelings
rubbish - meat wrapper, sausage & bacon wrapper, egg shells



donna said...

hi, when you say posted next to magazine wrappers, where are you posting them to?

Maisie said...

It is a firm that will take any type 2 & 4 plastic including the ringos from beer 4pks.

Polyprint Mailing Films Ltd
Mackintosh Road
Rackheath Ind Est
NR13 6LJ

When you package it up label it as recycling and put in a note with your name and address and they will send anything back that they couldn't recycle so you know for the future.

If you keep the package under 250g and smaller than the large letter hole at the post office it costs 40p to post it.

donna said...

thanks maisie, how do you work out which things are type 2 and 4 if it doesn't say on it?

Maisie said...

Type 2 is the one most councils recycle anyway so I don't worry about that one. Type 4 is usually magazine wrappers etc and ringos. basically if it stretches it will be type 4 if it snaps it is cellophane (eg crisp multibags.
Some milk jug lids are also type 4. They have a website it will probably be easier to look at this and click on recycling, then I won't forget anything.